Dedication to textiles

In 1962, the young Søren Lihn from Langå had the idea to start Asli A/S. He started working as a consultant, helping small and medium-sized Danish companies, to start up export in different countries. Through this work, Søren Lihn was in 1978 employed as a manager in a textile company, owned by Leo Nissen. This was the kickoff for the trading company Asli A/S is today.

As a manager, Søren Lihn was the administrative part and Leo Nissen the creative part, full of ideas. Together they build up smaller niche companies throughout the 1980’es and 1990’es which they would sell off to larger operators in the market. However, Asli A/S remained under the ownership of Søren Lihn until the end of the 00s.

Today the ownership of Asli A/S has changed, but we continue to evolve and develop the company from the original DNA and with the same core activities. As a result, we are now a significant operator in the north, east and central Europe – offering cleaning textiles for the professional/ retail industry and yarns for the industrial market.

Many years of experience

Our many years of experience and know-how are a solid, integrated, and very important part of the company. With great respect for the legacy of the founders, we continue to build and develop the company and our products. We do this to offer solutions that meet today’s requirements and needs for certifications and environmental considerations. In addition, Asli A/S is built on strong and close relationships with both suppliers and customers.

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